Most companies build web pages, we build business solutions to help you grow your business.

Our commitment

Pages Built to Deliver

It’s not only about esthetics, it’s about effective, persuasive design, delivered quickly, in easy to digest bits, leading the visitors to where we want them to go!


A highly experienced web design and development team plus a very reliable customer service crew ensure a smooth process.


You can see it for yourself; all our pages enjoy the same characteristics: clean and fresh design, and professional look.


We create our pages to look and perform great, no matter the device. All websites have mobile, tablet & desktop versions.


Designed to Capture and Retain

All our pages are built with clear objectives.

All our pages are built with clear objectives.
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Feature charged

Some Mediafox Sites Features

Whether you want a page that you will manage on a weekly or monthly basis, a long lasting one-time job, or to take advantage of our Business Growth support, Mediafox has a solution for you.

Full Service

Our in-house design and development team is able to accomplish any request: Custom Pages, Brand Identity Development, Web Apps, and much more!

strategic business plan

Strategic Design

We see pages as critical sales tools. Our strategic design aims to help you capture visitors and turn them into leads and potential customers.

We Mean Business

We set up your business online so you can grow your business and be a key player in your market. Our e-commerce platform offers the tools you need to do just that.

Responsive Design

No matter the size of the screen, we design 3 different versions of your website so it will always be displayed properly and optimally.

Cloud Hosting

Your site will be hosted in our cloud service, which reduces the data use in about 60%. This directly affects page loading times, making it much faster and accessible.

Feature Rich

Your page can have any feature you dream of. We will make sure it matches your brand and goals, and make it look just awesome!

Free SSL Cetificate

With all our plans we offer an SSL Certificate, which encrypts all the information between your page and the client’s. A “Secure” badge will be shown in Google Search.

Easily Managed

We can set up your page in a way that you can add new posts, pictures, texts, edit previous posts, add products, and prices. We have a Ton of video tutorials to help you.

Fast & Secure

No matter where in the world your visitors are, our servers and our CloudFlare CDN delivers your pages at twice the speed and encrypted end-to-end.


Our 8 Steps

Here are the 8 stages of our web development process for all the pages that we create from scratch



Initial Discussion​


Coming to a collective understanding with our clients enables us to create websites that are tailored to their needs and brand. We establish the goals and objectives for the page.



Design & Look


Once we have a vision for your project, our team will present you with screen mock-ups, page features, and other creative assets.



Page Development


Our in-house, development team will produce the page in an efficient and timely manner. We will have clearly established dates for the deliverables.



Quality Control​


As the web page is developed we assess site code to ensure everything functions exactly as expected and it looks good on any screen size. We will be sharing our progress with you.



Client Review


It’s not enough for us to be satisfied with the website’s evolution. We will periodically submit our progress to you to get your input and see how we can improve the page and we’ll make adjustments accordingly.



Adjustments and Optimization​


Although everything looks good we’re not quite ready to launch yet. We take time to test the website page loading times and optimize it to be as fast and efficient as possible.





We make sure everything you need from hosting to storage is set up and ready for launch. When everything is in order it’s time to take the website live!



Follow Up / Maintenance


We will make suggestions and improvements to your website based on your needs, changes in design and functionality to help you achieve your goals.