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Web Design Made Simple:

No hidden costs
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Mediafox Price List

U$D 500 x2


U$D 500 x3


U$D 500 x4

Premium Package

U$D 500 x5

Ecommerce Package

Features by Tier

Our Packages Include:

Standard Features
  • 3 Versions: Mobile (Optimized), Desktop, Tablet

  • 1 Year Hosting on our Speedlight Server (fastest server)

  • CDN Cloud Hosting (for 60% faster loading pages)

  • SSL Certificate (to qualify for  Google Safe Badge)

  • Automatic Daily Backup (great if you edit your pages)

  • Hotlinks (one-click call, Whatsapp, directions, email, etc.)

  • Custom QR Code of your page (for business card, signs)

  • 60 Million Professional Stock Images with our subscription

Business Features
  • All Standard Features

  • Downloadable Price lists, Menus, Pdf and Documents.

  • Social Media Feed on page

  • Popup Windows for Subscriptions and Call to Action

  • Products Lists and Price Lists Downloadable

  • 3 QR Codes (for website and landing pages)

  • Marketing Kit (Facebook and Instagram posts and stories)

  • Free Business cards Design with QR Code

  • Analytics: see visitors age, gender, location and more

Premium Features
  • All Standard + Business Features

  • Web App. The page is saved to the phone for offline use

  • Live Chat

  • MediaFox Live. (a virtual copy of your page for testing)

  • Bookings and Reservations

  • Rooms, Apartments, Beds booking for hotels or hostels

  • Online Food Ordering Implementation

  • Any other feature that the client needs

  • All Standard + Business + Premium Features

  • Online business setup support & guidance  (6 months)

  • Account page for clients to keep track of orders history

  • Favorites/wishlist for visitors to save products for later

  • Extensive sales report by product, categories and more.

  • Coupons implementation for incentives.

  • Cross-selling and up-selling feature on product and checkout page

Digital Butler


Web Maintenance
50 U$D / Month or 400 U$D / Year

Ideal for businesses that require continuous support and intend to optimize their website periodically

1 Year of free changes and updates.

  • We update your page’s text, pictures, menus… (weekly)

  • New Features can be added to your site (monthly)

  • Online Technical and Marketing support anytime

  • MediaFox Live Support – We push the changes from your virtual site to your Live site for you (weekly)

100 U$D / Month or 900 U$D / Year
Up to 30 Products
31 to 60 products: USD 150 / month
61 products or more: USD 200 / month

Ecommerce sites need periodic maintenance. Product stock and availability, prices, sales, promotions, coupons, and other tasks related to running a business online.

We can optimize that process for you and help you increase sales while you focus on running your business. 

  • Page’s text, pictures, products update

  • New products, promotions, price change, stock, availability

  • Coupons, promotions, sales, reports

Your Page's Home

Web Hosting

Web Hosting Explained

Every website on the Internet needs to “live” somewhere. The place is called a “server”. It’s a large and powerful computer that stores all the pages, texts, images, and files of your page. When people type your address or click a link, they send a request to this server, and the server sends the files to them, organized by your browser (chrome, safari, firefox, etc.) and presented as a page.

Web Hosting after the 1st year.

You are free to find another hosting company for your page. We will give you the website on a file so you are not attached to us or anyone in the future. It’s your page!

Feature-Rich MediaFox Pages

Features & Benefits

1 Year Free Web Hosting

Web pages must be hosted somewhere. This is usually a yearly paid service. Mediafox offers you 1 year of free hosting with any of our plans. After that, you are free to find your own hosting, or stay with us and pay USD 50 per year. Our servers are Lightspeed ®, MariaDB, the best and fastest servers available.

SSL Certificate

Google penalizes all pages that do not have an SSL certificate. This badge shows that we encrypt all your information from end to end, to prevent data theft or tampering. While prices may vary, we offer you a free certificate, so your site is seen as safe by google and visitors.

Web APP Functionality

We develop our pages with APP functionality. When a visitor is on your page, he sees a notification to click and save to home screen. This way, the page is saved like any other app to the mobile home screen, and can be viewed even when there is no internet. This pages load faster and are always handy in your clients mobile desktop for quick access.

Mobile Optimized Version

Normal web pages look tiny and are difficult to navigate when seen on mobiles, but they are called “mobile-friendly” or responsive for adapting to mobile screens. Mediafox creates an entire mobile version of your page not only for small screens but with the functionality that using a mobile phone requires. They are lighter, simpler, easy to operate and navigate with one hand, and it looks as good as the original.

Daily Website Backup

All our pages are designed in a way that they can be edited by their owners, so “things can happen” :), even something simple as a software update can cause issues. That’s why, every night we perform a backup, so if you need us to restore it, you let us know, and we revert it to the correct version. Three free website restores per year. (additional restores USD30)


If you edit your page and change your mind, or if you accidentally cause any unwanted changes to your page, you have unlimited rewind/restores. This feature is ideal for those who take advantage of the Freedom Mode and like to add content, write a blog page, news or have forums and chat pages on their website.


See who is visiting your page and get reports by age, sex; location by city, country, type of device, etc. See the pages that they visit and the time that they spend on each. We install a very simple interface right inside your dashboard so you do not have to go to google analytics to see the report. We also set up an automatic email report, sent right to your inbox.

Live Chat

Let your visitor connect with you instantly without leaving your page. See where they are, and see what page or product are they looking at. Save conversation. Prepare answers in advance so you only have to tap pre-made reply to answer those same questions everybody asks. Send brochures, flyers, or manuals through this chat instantly, and show your clients how professional your company is.

FReedom Mode

Edit your website text, pictures, and create new posts! We install a clean and super easy interface so you can edit your website without any risk of affecting the page’s design. With easy to follow instructional videos right inside your dashboard.

mediafox "live"

You will have acces to a virtual copy of your site that you can edit and modify safely, without affecting the live site (your original page). Once you are happy with the result of your changes, you can then apply them to your live site with an easy copy/paste process, or we can do that for you.

Online Food/Poducts Ordering

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars can also enjoy food ordering for delivery or pick up on their website. Why pay a high commission to a third party when you can implement online food ordering on your page and receive and confirm orders from your own smartphone. All the features you want can be implemented, even as complicated as extra toppings for each one of the items. We can do it. We transform your page into a money-making machine.

Real Time Page view notification

We can set up notifications on your phone to track your page and notify you every time a visitor goes to your page. This way you can measure how many people visit your page, the times, the place, and if he is using a phone or a PC, Android, iPhone, etc… Information is money!

QR Code

We love how easy and practical QR codes are, that’s why we offer you a scannable & printable QR code that you can add to your flyers, menus, signs and business cards so clients can access your page by simply pointing the telephone at the code.

QR Code Links Page

We take the functionality of the QR code even further. We include a page with all your social media links, email, maps and directions, one-click call, and WhatsApp. When your QR code is scanned, all the icons are presented to the client, then he is just one tap away from a call, a message, directions, saving details to the phonebook, etc.. It’s that easy, scan & tap!

Social Media Dynamic Links

We setup social media links for sharing, so visitors can share any part of your page of product directly to social media, or through WhatsApp and email. They simply need to choose which application icon to tap and select the person they want to share it with. Done!

One-Click Message and Call

Usually, visitors must copy a link or a number, close a page, move to an app and open it, paste the link and message or call. Our One-click system simplifies this process, so visitors can quickly contact you, without having to type or go back and forth copying numbers.

Table Booking/Reservations

We can implement online table bookings as automatic or manual as you need. Book table by location (outdoor or indoor) size, time, even order food in advance if you want us too. Direct notifications, reminders, ability to accept, put on hold or deny. All from your mobile.

Room/Apartment Booking

If you are in the lodging business (hotels, hostels, holiday rental, B&B, apartments, hostels, etc.), we implement bookings seamlessly into your web page. Real-time search availability, unlimited rooms or beds. Very easy to operate. We also install videos on your dashboard to help you get started. The best part is: you can use different prices as the ones you use on or Airbnb.

Google Maps Implementation

You can have anywhere on your page a map with the location of your store/office, so clients can tap on the icon and get directions to your business location without having to leave your page.

File Downloads

We upload any type of document to our severs so client can download them to their devices with one simple click. (PDF, XLS, Presentations, etc.)

High Quality Stock Images

We have subscriptions to two of the biggest Stock Photography sites with over 60 Million professional pictures that you can use on your page or for any post, advertising, sign, or brochure that you create.

Testimonials Gallery

A carousel of your clients’ testimony and comments about your services is the best-selling tool you can have to convert visitors into new clients. Dynamic and visible, with pictures and text to maximize its effectiveness.

Price Comparison Charts

Elegant charts with prices and service comparisons. Display features and advantages in a clear manner, so customers can see and decide on the spot which product is best for them and why.

Popup Windows

Quick reminders, suggestions and even services or products promotions can be dynamically shown to visitors when they visit certain parts of the page. We usually program it to show only on their second or third visit as a retargeting tool.

Call to Action Popup

We implement CTA’s on strategic places to nudge visitors into taking the actions and decisions we are interested in. This is why, before producing every page, we chat long with our clients, to better understand what are their main objectives and what is it that they want to achieve by building a website.

Search Bar

All the information in the page, including products and descriptions are searchable buy typing in the search bar. A window with all the results will pop up and customers can quickly be directed to that page with a simple click.

Social Media Feed

If you consider that having your social media activity and posts on your page is a plus, we can set it up for you, so all your posts (facebook and Instagram) are elegantly displayed on your website. We can implement if for it to update every time you make a new post, with comments, likes, or just your post.

Marketing Kit

For our top tier packages, we offer you a marketing kit with a set of professionally designed branded profile pictures with your logo & company name, in the right shape and size to fit each of the social media apps, mobile and desktop. It also includes business cards with QR code linking to all your social media channels, mobile number and WhatsApp.

Video Hosting

We can host your videos on our server for fast loading times, with no advertisement or video suggestions like YouTube or other public services.
This way, your page keep being fast, even when you show Full HD videos on your page.

Video Tutorials

We have produced a library of video tutorials to help you edit and manage your page without the need to leave the dashboard. We are constantly updating it with new videos and you can submit requests to our team if there is any particular video you would like us to produce.

Web copy

Usually, clients provide the text for their sites because they know their products and market. However, if  you are interested in a compelling copy to keep your visitors engaged, we can survey your market and write persuasive and effective text copy for you page.
(100 USD Per page)

Online Payment Implementation

If you are interested in receiving payments or fees through your page, we can implement this service, via PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, or cash on delivery. This service is not included with any of our plans and can be purchased separately.
(U$D 500 one time)


We design newsletters and implement a system for you to view and keep track of the analytics, so you can see how many people open, reject, click on links, and take the actions you want them to when you send them the newsletter. This service is not included with any of our plans and can be purchased separately.
(50 USD Month)

SEO - Optimization to Rank on Google

We can fine-tune your page to show on the first pages of google search. Although this is a process that takes several months, showing in the first results of Google, for some, is worth all the time, effort, and resources. This service is not included with any of our plans and can be purchased separately.
(1200 USD one time)

freedom mode Implementation

If you already have a website, we can add this feature to it. This will allow anyone to edit a website without having to code or search for functions, as easily as editing a Microsoft Word or Powerpoint document. To view how this feature works, please see the video here.

It includes easy-to-follow instructional videos right inside your dashboard.
(500 USD one time)

ecommerce implementation

Adding Ecommerce functionality to an existing page and selling your products directly from your website.

(up to 30 products      500 USD one time)
(up to 60 products      1000 USD one time)
(61 or more products 1500 USD one time)

Much More Coming Soon!